Donate to Clowns Without Borders and share Resilience Through Laughter! Your gift brings joy and happiness to children and families in need, because you’ve made it possible to send our volunteer artists into conflict zones. You help us stay agile and respond to crises as they unfold.

Believe In Laughter!

When you donate to Clowns Without Borders, you show that you believe in the healing of laughter. We utilize the power of positivity. We have witnessed humor and play transform communities and bring relief. Clowns Without Borders shares moments of levity after food, water, and shelter have been addressed, and promotes the healing process. Be a meaningful part of our work by supporting us financially.


Become a Clowns Without Borders Member by making monthly recurring donations. Membership benefits include exclusive communications from the staff and board, sneak peeks at upcoming projects, and the knowledge that your money helps bring joy to those who need it most – children and families in crisis.

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All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

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