Four colorful clowns pose for a picture with a young boy, post performance. Mentorship


Clowns Without Borders Mentors Volunteers Preparing for Projects.

Volunteering for a Clowns Without Borders project is a rewarding and challenging task. We only go where we are invited and meet our audiences wherever they happen to be on the planet. This means we frequently go where the roads do not. Rarely is there a stage with lighting, rigging, seating, or electricity. We may have multiple performances a day; the settings as diverse as the audience. Generally speaking, a project show or workshop with us is different from a traditional stage performance. The stage is often a space that we create, anywhere we’ve been asked to reach people. Other important considerations of a Clowns Without Borders project include:

  • Travel: Road conditions, footpath conditions, and traffic, etc., may be strenuous.
  • Unique Performances: Shows have to come together quickly, sometimes in 24 hours or less. We are there to perform and need to get started as quickly as possible to share Resilience In Laughter with as many children as we can! You will be working with new people, artists you may not know.
  • Health: Some places where we travel can be challenging and frequently requires vaccinations.

We serve all people, especially children, in crisis. The experience of being on a Clowns Without Borders project is thrilling, humbling, and powerful. Emotional and physical challenges exist and we want our beloved volunteers to be prepared.

Smiling clown with nose and bright colored hula hoop around her head like a frame. Mentorship.

Mentorship includes:

  • Being matched with a seasoned volunteer.
  • Support before and after a project, making sure we answer all of your questions.
  • Access to the Artists’ Toolkit, the best tools around to help you navigate your Clowns Without Borders journey.


New or Prospective Artists

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, the first best step is to familiarize yourself with our work. Clowns Without Borders mission is unique and one the best ways to understand it is by reading blogs from artists in the field. Reading past blogs is an excellent way to “re-live” the project trips and see them through the eyes of our volunteer performers. It is also good to view project photographs and watch videos. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. You can advocate for Clowns Without Borders by sharing our work with your community. This is an important step in becoming part of the Clowns Without Borders family! Complete the Volunteer Performer Self Evaluation Form if you are a new volunteer. Email to request mentorship if you are a current volunteer.

Are You a Mentor?

The Clowns Without Borders community is looking for mentors. Have you volunteered in the field with Clowns Without Borders? Would you like to share these experiences and help provide leadership for new volunteers? Then you could be a mentor! You can help in several ways. We seek seasoned volunteers who wish to converse or meet with new volunteers. Helping prepare artists for what to expect on the first project is key to a successful mission. Share your wisdom, observations, and struggles. Expand your network and meet other compassionate humanitarian clowns. Share awareness about the organization. We’ve made this easy by creating materials for you to use. Awareness comes in many forms:

  • Holding talks about your experiences on Clowns Without Borders projects.
  • Hosting fundraiser benefits.
  • Following us on social media and sharing our posts/tweets/grams/pins/videos.

If you’d like to learn more, contact the Mentorship Coordinator, Kollen Kintz at