Here are collections of photos from our various projects around the world.

Photos from Project Indoesia in collaboration with Hidung Merah.

Photos from India project with Mobile Crèches and Saalam Baalak Trust.

Photos from collaboration with War Child Canada in Haiti, November 2011:

Check out the great photos taken by Bobby Kintz at the Ultimate Block Party in Baltimore:

Project Haiti 2011, continuation of collaboration with Terre Des Homes

Project Chiapas 2011, Rudi and friends return to Chiapas,

Project Kenya, Shea and Colleen travel to Kenya

Project Cambodia, Pi Clowns perform in their time off from the Tini Tinou festival

Project Haiti in collaboration with the IRC, October 2010

Project Haiti in collaboration with Terre des Hommes, September 2010

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Ultimate Block Party, Central Park, New York

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Photos from Project Haiti both tours March 2010, some photos courtesy of PLAN International

Photos from Project Ethiopia 2010

Photos from Project Muskurahat, India 2009

Photos from Project Colombia November 2009

Photos from First Annual Black Tie Red Noses Gala October 15, 2009. Make sure to join us in 2010!

Photos from Project Haiti August 2009

Photos from Project Sudan May 2009 -  (Alain Laferte,

Photos from Project Washington DC, Inner City after school 2009

(Brice Richard © 2009)

Photos from Project Haiti March 2009

Photos from Project Burma/Myanmar 2009

General photo gallery