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Empowering Youth To Be Change Makers


Welcome to Clowns Without Borders education resources page! These free resources are here so you can #TakeLaughterWithYou. #TakeLaughterWithYou and be a positive force in your world. Change the destructive paradigms that create xenophobia, trauma, violence, and disrespect for our fellow humans.

Through laughter and play, we can challenge and overcome these threats. By building empathy and listening skills, we can vastly enhance cross-cultural understanding. We can be responsive to human displacement, violence, and other forms of crisis with compassion. Not with judgment and not with reactivity. To learn more about the purpose of this program, read our blog.

The resources available here will cover a broad spectrum. From helping to start simple conversations with friends, family, and colleagues, to interactive and flexible tools for the classroom. Educators, facilitators, parents and students will find items of value on this page.  So go ahead, #TakeLaughterWithYou!




Laughter First-Aid Toolbox


Molly Levine, uses anecdotes from her work with Clowns Without Borders (CWB) to highlight an overlooked global human need – connection. Levine, with the help of the clowns of CWB, brings laughter as a form of humanitarian aid to people living in the gravest, war-stricken zones of the world.

Games & Exercises by Maggie Keenan-Bolger

Games & Exercises

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Laughter Kit