Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with us! Anyone can contribute to Clowns Without Borders success. Volunteer as a performing artist or contact us for other ways to get involved.

Perform With CWB! Do you have what it takes to join CWB and take your clown around the world?
Non-performing volunteers! Want to support us in other ways, like fundraising or publicizing?

“Working with Clowns Without Borders in the South Sudan was among the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. I learned a lot about the world and a lot about myself. The Children were amazing.”

About Volunteering as a performer with CWB

CWB has very specific requirements for those wishing to participate in our activities. Unfortunately CWB cannot offer participation to all those wishing to be involved. Please read the following to understand how you might best work with us.  In addition, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our past and ongoing projects.

CWB-USA sends small programs into the field using a combination of monies raised by the organization and the  participating artists. The overall objective is the creation of laughter in the communities that we visit.

CWB works with:

  • Performers who are capable of improvisational physical comedy and/or who have established funny non-verbal routines
  • Circus and vaudeville artists with well honed routines.
  • Performers who have experience with medium to large size audiences (500-5000)
  • Performers whose humor is not dependent on language or American cultural reference (as most places we travel to do not share the English language or American culture).
How about organizers, fundraisers, and students? We do so much with so little because of the those who come together in support of our mission. If you want to help there are many needs (some of which we haven’t identified yet!) Writing stories for our newsletter, taking pictures at local events, arranging talks in schools, hosting a report back to your community, or throwing the best Jazzercize fund and awareness raising extravaganza EVER–all are areas of need. Let us know how you want to help. If you would like to help with administration, website maintenance, fundraising, or have other ideas, please contact us.
What about photographers and videographers? We embrace the opportunities to work with photographers and videographers in the field. Often we ask those artists to provide their own funding, some come to us with grants too!  We are interested in hearing from you.  Contact us here!

“Children are ready to be joyful, we just help them find their smiles. This is important work.”

Volunteer Performer

Do you have what it takes to join us as a performer and take your clown around the world?


Volunteer Non-performer

Would you like to volunteer with us in a non-performance role?

Want to hear back from us when we return from our projects? If you have a community group, religious organization, class, club, or any other group that would be interested in hearing about conditions in the countries we work in, or learning more about what CWB is and what/how/why we do what we do, Contact Us! We can try and arrange a way to accommodate your group.

CWB-USA feels it important to point out that our work need not only cross international borders. So often, right in the very town where we live there are communities in need of CWB-style activities. We encourage all to think globally and act locally. We also encourage groups of performers who feel that they have the stuff and the gumption to head off to some far flung spot on the planet, to plan such an activity. A collaboration with CWB-USA may well be possible, perhaps we can help you discover the contacts needed in the country you wish to travel to. In any case we would love to hear from you, to know what project of social significance you are envisioning, planning or operating.